Why see a Shaman

What do Shamans Do and Why Would I want to See One?

Our modern world seems to be a network of ever increasing technological advances. We shop, text and even answer our front door from our cellphone. Each of us carries in our pocket an ever expanding library of information and with one quick touch we can access it.

Yet, as instantaneous and scientific as our world becomes another trend is also occurring. An ever increasing movement of people seeking spiritual solutions for their modern problems seems to be growing.

Somehow this increase in technology has not actually driven us far away from nature. Somehow it has actually reminded us of nature. We are more aware of the smallness and linked in ness of the world than ever before.

The internet, the world wide web, has become a wonderful metaphor for the interconnected web of nature we all live within. And more and more of my clients are understanding their intuition process as ‘downloads’ from the universe. It seems that today’s tweens, teens and also adults of all ages are researching herbal remedies and carrying tumbled stones for protection or lick.

So what does this have to do with shamanism? It seems this modern trend has created a resurgence in an ancient practice; shamanism.

In cultures all over the world there have always been spiritual healers. These are the sensitives and it hives of their local community. Often these were the people who were called or consulted when life went a bit off track. They were called, witches, conjurer workers, medicine men or bruja, depending upon the culture they existed within. In Lapland, and Siberia these local tribal healers were referred to as shamans. And many modern people who take up the practice of healing are using this word to describe their practice.

So what exactly is a shaman?

Shaman’s are people who have been called by spiritual powers to become healers for their community. It is a role of service and dedication. Shaman are people who enter into trance to divine the energetic nature of things. They are skilled at seeing into other worlds and finding the source of a person’s troubles. At times shamans are consulted to address physical illness and at times they are called for work on practical problems. Either way a shaman is an individual who can look deeply into the energetic source of things.

Shamans journey to these other worlds by going into a trancelike state. Many enter this trance by using drumming or rattling as a way to alter their stare of consciousness.

For some shamans, the journeys to other worlds are very real. Their journeys take them into the interconnected web of Spirit where guides and helpers form the Spirit world illuminate their client’s issues. And then, with help and guidance the shaman remains in trance and advocates to balance the spiritual energies around the problem. This may involve soul retrieval, curse removal or any number of other spiral tasks.

Where does the Shaman’s power and information come from. The skilled shaman engages with the interconnected web of power we all live within. The journey of the shaman has them traveling through along this web into the underworld or up to the heavens, forward or backward in time or anywhere necessary to balance life and heal the present.

And who wouldn’t want an advocate in their life who can do that?