Soul Retrieval

A happy and productive life is not only the product of a healthy mind or a fit body. A happy life can only occur when you have a healthy soul. Which part of us is our soul? A human soul requires love and nurturing and support just as much as a human body or a human mind. But many of us have no idea how to care for our own soul’s needs.

How do we care for our souls? How do we even find our souls? Where are they located and how can we access them? Our emotional body is the entry point to soul. Our soul is much more than that. It’s more than what we feel; it is who we truly are. It’s the magic energy behind our atoms moving us along in the world and imbuing everything we are with life. Our soul is the driving force behind our existence.

In the shamanic worldview our souls are sometimes effected by soul loss. Soul loss can occur whenever we have lived through great pain or trauma. For example, we may experience soul loss if we are in an accident, undergo a serious operation or if we suddenly lose a close friend or family member. Any great pain or change that we are unprepared for could cause soul loss.

From a shamanic perspective, soul loss is a common cause of illness. It can lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression. And many shamans believe it can be an underlying factor in physical illnesses too.

Engaging in a Soul Retrieval can help you find relief from many of life’s woes. The process is simple, as it is the shaman who speaks with Spirit and finds missing pieces of your soul.

A shamanic practitioner can seek lost soul parts that are willing to return from any point in life. And it is the Shaman who assists in restoring your soul pieces as you move toward greater wholeness and happiness.