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Readings by Lisa McGarrity

Greetings & Welcome to My Home Online!

I am an authentic, easy-going and practical psychic who has been helping clients for more than 2 decades.  Helping people find spiritual solutions for their everyday problems is my specialty as a reader.  I make it safe & easy to discuss any problem big or small; personal or professional. I enjoy reading for people, it's always fun. I believe everyone has the power to shape and control their lives and I can help you delvelop your power.  Let me use my natural gifts of empathy and intuition to contact spirit and divine your future.  All of my consultations are personal, strictly confidential and compassionate.  I can help you look at any problem from many points of view & offer guidance, especially when life becomes challenging.  Many of life's challenges have both mystical causes and mystical cures. I will help you create your personal, mystical cure.

Four types of email consultations are available here:  and you can always schedule an appointment for a personal pyschic reading with Lisa McGarrity at Envsion Crystal-  Either call 631-331-3308 or email .  Personal readings by Lisa McGarrity generally last at least one hour and you should schedule your appointment in advance as Lisa is often booked some months ahead, thank you.