How to Get a Great Psychic Reading

A great session with an authentic psychic medium can be a wonderful, energizing and empowering experience. When the energy is good and clear between a Seer and a client,  then inspiration and healing happens. 

A great sessions with a psychic will highlight your natural strengths and help guide you toward your soul’s highest purpose. The best sessions offer specific details about upcoming events and how to navigate the challenges that are about to occur in your path. 

But how can you prepare before meeting with a psychic? What steps can you take to be certain the reader you are speaking to will offer you their very best. A good session guides you towards more power, confirmation and inspiration and less fear. A reader should never leave you paralyzed with fear and uncertainty. That is the sign of an unskilled psychic. A skilled psychic helps you map out a strategy for the future.  And when the session is very good … you will generally come away feeling invigorated and excited about what’s coming up, even if whats coming up is going to be a challenge. 

So how can you prepare yourself to  have a really truly wonderful session with a psychic medium?  There’s three important keys to getting a great reading. And actually they are three fairly simple steps. 

Step 1. Make a list of questions.

Even if your psychic doesn’t ask for this, it’s always a good idea. Making the list of questions is a way to get clarity for yourself.  It helps you to focus your mind on what’s truly important and what parts of your life need information and attention. However, the list isn’t only for you. Making a list of questions helps Spirit guide you better as well. It tells the universe what topics you are questioning. It also helps create a container for the information to channel through to you. The questions become a kind of framework for your own spirt guides and the reader’s helping spirits to bring appropriate information forward to you. Of course clear detailed questions can bring forward clear detailed answers. So be thoughtful about how you phrase and structure your thoughts. 

Step 2. Be totally willing to set that list of questions aside. 

There are times when the questions are imperative and create the reading. However, there are also times when Spirit has some other bigger information to bring through. Sometimes important information about your soul’s journey is revealed even though it isn’t what you thought you needed to know. These types of readings happen more often when you have been working with a psychic medium for a fairly long time. Once trust and rapport is established, Spirit will sometimes bring through to you more complex or esoteric information. When this happens it tends to broaden and illuminate the Spiritual journey that you are on.  Inspiration and even joy are the hallmark of this type of reading. 

Step 3. Remember! Your future is built on your own freewill.

In the final analysis, you are the one in charge of your own life. It’s important to own your own power as an individual on your own journey. If you don’t like some of what’s being told to you, change it. Make different choices. Use the readings as a jumping off point to create the future you have been dreaming of.  A skilled psychic medium will always give the power of choice back to you. They can help you design the life you choose. They will never make you feel as though you are a victim of some inviolable hand of fate.  A great psychic medium will work diligently to help you gain more freedom, love and power. Your path and your choices will always be your own.