Are you Cursed?

Life has its ups and downs for everyone. We all go through difficult times and it’s often part of the human experience to face isolation, sadness or setbacks. At these times we sometimes wonder what the source of challenges really are. When many bad things seem to be occurring around the same part of your life or when a prolonged period of effort seems to not yield results, there is a real possibility of a spiritual curse. 

What is a curse? How can we become cursed? And if a curse is at work in our life how can we remove it? 

One way to understand a curse is to consider it the opposite of a blessing. When you have a special spiritual gift in your life we call it a blessing. So for instance,  we may be blessed with a beautiful singing voice or great beauty or a gift for mathematics or creative writing. These special unique gifts are examples of blessings. 

We may also receive a blessing from someone who wishes us well or prays for us, extending to us a special spiritual blessing. This type of blessing may boost our protection happiness or luck as move through the world. 

So then what is a curse? A curse is a spiritual obstacle to our success and happiness. The most common way a  curse can comes into our life is by accident. Most human being s don’t know their own power and in moments of frustration or anger they can subconsciously send out negative envy that hits its mark.  A lot of people are currently walking around in the world, wondering why they can’t seem to move forward in work or love or finances when the truth is they have been energetically blocked and they are unaware of how to remove that negative energy. 

Any time someone has a wish for you that goes against your freewill, that can create the confusions off a curse.  This can happen in competitive and negative relationships, but it also can happen in amongst friends and family. Sometimes the people who love us the most may be unwittingly blocking us by believing they know what’s best, or by holding a will for us thy isn’t in alignment with our highest good.  No one means harm in these cases but harm does occur when we stop each other’s freewill.